Aoirei – Now Available As Ebook and Paperback

by May 10, 2020

My debut novel, Aoirei, is now available on Amazon as an ebook AND as a paperback (finally)! After several people requested for a print copy of it, I finally got off my ass and re-edited it for a paperback version. In case you haven’t read the book before, here’s the premise:

When Kiku visits Japan to escape his numb, drugged up life, he comes face to face with the blue spirits he has been avoiding since childhood – the Aoirei. Together, with a beautiful and mysterious spirit Guide, he journeys through Japan, India, a world of righteous serial killers and a village of souls that exists outside of time.

Aoirei is an unsettling but eerily familiar story of forgotten memories, trauma, spirits and the search for truth.

I wrote Aoirei in 2017 during one of the busiest periods in my entire career as an engineer. I wrote it on my phone every morning, on the bus to work (my workplace was in Tuas and took me 1.5 hours to reach) and on the way back home. I wrote it on my laptop when I got home. I wrote it every chance I got. I would sometimes just eat an apple for lunch so that I had more time to write. I even slept an hour less every night just to get more writing time.

My goal was to write at least 1,000 words per day on weekdays and 20,000 words every weekend. And I hit those goals without fail. Every. Single. Day. Even when I had a hard day at work. Even when I felt exhausted. Even when I felt like no one in the world would ever want to read what I had to write. Even when I felt like giving up.

Even when I felt that I wasn’t good enough to be an author.

In 3 weeks, I had finished my first draft of the book. In another week, I had finished editing and marketing it thanks to my amazing co-editors @shohinidas and @occasionallynormal.

To borrow some words from a blog post I wrote about the experience:

“the more I wrote, the more alive I felt. Sure, I was physically exhausted, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally, I was flying!”

It’s funny, because my whole life shifted after I finished writing Aoirei. All the things I had always wanted to do, didn’t seem like such a distant dream any more. Soon after finishing the book, I learnt how to swim, I learnt how to drive, I worked hard to pay off all my college loans, I explored the world of Shamanism (which I accidentally wrote about in Aoirei without even realizing!), I quit my job to travel the world and now I’m a sort of freelance coder who travels and works.

Aoirei made all of that possible.

I was recently reading it, after 3 years, and I realized how good the book actually is (haha, ownself say one)! I genuinely love reading it because it’s the kind of story I would love to read-
it’s dark, it has sex and violence, it has parallel story lines, it has an unreliable narrator and it has a hidden, deeper layer to it. Aoirei takes at least two readings to get all the bread crumbs I’ve strewn throughout the story, but trust me, it’s worth it ;).

If you’d like to own a copy of the book, be it as an ebook or paperback, check out the Amazon US link:

Aoirei Book Cover Ebook and Paperback

For Singaporean buyers, you’ll have to use the Amazon US link above. If you’d prefer to buy from a different country, check out all the other options available here.

 If you’ve read the book before, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

A Special Treat

 Also, as a special treat, I’m uploading the song that Kiku was listening to in the final pages of the book. It’s by my (and Kiku’s) favourite Okinawan artist, Ikue Asazaki, and it’s called Hamasaki.

There’s a moment in the song (around 1:39) when the ukulele reaches a beautiful crescendo and is followed by a gentle pianissimo on the piano. That’s when the train door slides open ;).

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